Giant Adenium (Desert Rose) Double

ltran54(9)June 5, 2011

Today I followed a friend whom I met on Garden Web to a small nursery just north of Houston, and these were new additions to my desert rose. One plant with a giant blooms. I never see desert rose bloom this big. 4 inches long and 3 inches across. I haven't repot them yet, but want to share them with all of you. They don't have very much leaves yet. New shipping to the nursery.

This below plant is smaller with only one bloom, but pretty as well.

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Wow! They are gorgeous and looks very healthy. Love the flowers and the little one has a name tag! Did you make it yourself or it comes in with it? If so, the nursery must be a good one. When I got my last month, none of them has individual name, only 'Desert Rose' and few of them has flowers left on and the flower seems pretty much expensed. Congradulations for your new addition and thanks for sharing.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Marie, those are gorgeous!! I've never seen a double Desert Rose blooms in person before...and would love to find one of those sometime in the near future. Congrats!! Its truly beautiful!

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Thank you Lily and Nancy.
Lily, the name tag came with the plant. Many of my plants had name tag, some came from Thailand and some came from a nursery in Houston. So I know how the bloom looks.
Nancy, do you want to double bloom desert rose? I can help you. Cost more for you because you have to pay shipping from Houston to Florida. But I know many of these plants were raised in Florida. I don't know what part, but knowing they came from Florida.

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hi marie, those are the most beautiful blooms i have ever seen! thanks to you and nancy sharing pictures of your wonderful plants , you have both inspired me to give the desert roses another try, so now i have 6 new ones this year! 2 pink 2 white and 2 red, i hope i can keep them thru the winter this time. i hope to see more pictures of your plants as time goes by.

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Can you send me the name of the nursey? I would like to check it out too. Thanks.

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Mary Cheng, this is not a big nursery, rather a private home grow. This lady had so many beautiful colors for you to choose from.
Give me your email I will send it to email.
mine email is LTRAN54@HOTMAIL.COM

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Oh no, not another lovely DR!!!!! This is all getting too much for me! I really hope one of mine blooms this year! What a stunning bloomer this one is.

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Marie, I love all your pictures. I only have 1 and I pruned it 2 weeks ago and it is just now budding new leaves. I have 1 baby Adenium sprouted from seeds so I have to live through all your pictures until I have my own collection.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Laura in VB

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Hi...I really like these double cool are they...Hummmmmmmmmm I think I will be looking for one.....linda

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Thank you Kuan, Laura, and Linda for nice comments.
I cut one branch of this plant to graft to 3 smallers plants.(my cutting plants) My first experiment for grafting.
It is 10 days now, and still waiting to see if they alive. (7 grafts)
If it works, I have so many other to graft to.

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I love double adeniums too! One day all adeniums will be double flowered.

Like so many other flowering plants only a short time with breeding work will lead to more and more doubles. Nobody these days grow single carnations, single roses, or even single annuals even if they are available. Unless you're a species connoisseur most people will take charge the opportunity to get a double flowered anything.
The use of doubles in breeding is best done if the male is the pollen parent.

The flowers themselves are somewhat deformed and may lack important features that can be used in pollination.
If your double does produce seed though, chances are that they may pass that double gene onto its progeny. But only time will see if you have doubles or freaky flowers in the end.

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Both of your doubles are beautiful. I've never seen them for sale in the states. I'd love to find a US grower that would ship here.

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There is a beautiful double flowered white with a pink center, but unfortunately I don't have an image to share. A double swazicum also exists with fully double flowers and variegated foliage.

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prayerrock(zone 5)

These are really nice plants/flowers.

There are a couple really good growers in the USA. Both good reputable ones I know of have their nurseries in Florida. There are lot of differant doubles and some triples...several yellows now also.

There is even a double A.somalence.

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Rainforestguy, your double are beautiful...Please share with us more pixs or your experience about adenium.
Thank you again.

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It is just starting to get hot here, this is when the desert roses bloom best, will get more images of unusual varieties when they do.
I have the double somalense very nice but very shy blooming. You don't really get the full truss of flowers like you see in other species/hybrids.

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Rainforestguy: Where do you live? I can't wait to see your pics.

Marie: Not only are your single flowered ones most beautiful, now these!
Thank you for sharing.


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Hawai'i is a plant growers paradise. Like Thailand, we can grow a great variety of plants in our climate.
We have many fantastic adenium breeders and collectors here and have amassed a nice collection of plants. I have this one lady friend who has produced year after year of fine clones. I am trying to get her to sell seeds online. She has had a few hurdles but once things settle and she learns how to use a computer for her sales, she should be up and running.
I do not sell plants, sorry. I am a die hard collector. I propagate and grow, but just for me. When you start growing plants for sale, you tend to grow more than what you're really interested in just for the sake of being able to sell.I just like plants that are attractive to me.

I will share my growing secrets as time goes on.

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brownie(S. Missouri)

So beautiful!!! I have a pachypodium saundersii that I have kept for several years now but it has never bloomed. After seeing the gorgeous blooms on adenium, I am going to keep my eyes peeled for one now!

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The double adeniums are really beautiful. Out of about 5000 plants I managed to propagate 10 doubles. I will post some of the pictures soon.

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Marie, I would love to find the adenium nursery in Houston. Could you please post the address up here? Thanks.

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