Confusion fully opened

rmbill(6a)September 3, 2011

I FINALLY got a blossom to fully open. This is the 8th blossom so far. It is very pretty but is it worth it to keep it when most of the blossoms don't open all the way. The pictures were taken in late afternoon heat accounting for the wilted leaves. It has the rest of the year to prove itself but its chances of coming back next year are getting slimmer.


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imcanadian(3 Sask. Canada)

Lots of frills on that one, If you have the room why not winter it again and see how it makes out next year.

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Ament(5a SD)

OMG the blossom is Huge! LoL Does it smell as pretty as it looks Bill? I too would winter it and see how it does, if you have the space. :) Gosh it's so pretty!


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just takes my breath away!

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Congratulations, my brugs they died on me honey bun was sick for an entire week temps in the 100's not home to water when I was watering the plants were being cooked with the heath and the sun scorched the leaves and stems got cooked, so now I will have to start all over, right now my dble brug and single yellow one are barely hanging on so I moved them to the shade hoping that they will recover, we did have a break couple of days in the 90's so that should help some.Marcie

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Confusion skirts should drop. A number of my multi skirted brugs aren't opening normally this season and the skirts are remaining stuffed. I'd give it another season to see if the flowers improve before deciding if you want to trash it.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Looks like a decent performer.. Don't give up on it just yet!!!!
You have had some real Beauties this ..CONGRATS!!!!!


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