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cmm889October 9, 2007

I've been trying to get this whole lighting this taken care of but I just can't find something to get the job done. the CF I currently have that is barely supporting my Cp's is only a 2000 lumen output and I cant find anywhere around here with bigger bulbs I'm not sure if light works in the way that I could add just more 2000 lumen bulbs? or would that not actually increase light intensity? please help me this sucks! and cp's hang in the balance!

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Hello cmm889,

Adding more compact florescent bulbs or shop light tubes is the only way to ramp up the lumen output without a huge power bill. The expensive option is to order big metal halide lights of 300-400 watt range, the kind that are very hot and bright, putting out a lumen intensity of over 30,000 for a huge power bill each month.

A cheap way would be two double tube 40 watt florescent shop lights. Each tube produces 3000 lumens and lights up a 4 foot shelf area. All together, four tubes would provide 12000 lumens, which is just barely adequate for the more high intensity light plants. My Nepenthes and sundews are growing well under that arrangement and it even allows for Venus Flytraps to flower and produce seeds without dying (outside growing is always best for those though).

The energy saver bulbs can be used in groups too, but you will need to ensure that each bulb is within 5-8 inches from the plant according to how many bulbs you use and how light greedy the plant is. Try to get at least 5,000-6,000 lumens for lower light plants, like butterworts and Drosera adelae, and up to 12,000 lumens for Nepenthes and other carnivorous plants... more if possible with Venus Flytraps and Sarracenias. Light intesnity will be dispersed the farther the plant is from the bulb, so 12,000 lumens would provide miniscule light to plants if they are say a foot or more from the bulb, however, would provide a much greater intesnity if the plant is about an inch from the light. Adjust light intensity and distance to match your plants needs.

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