How do you get little plants to grow bigger faster?

jonocrossOctober 14, 2006

Ok, I've got a sarr rubra which is doing nicely I think but I was wondering if there is anyway to tubocharge a sarr's growth. I know when they get bigger, the more bugs the better, but I don't think my little guy is big enough to actually let bugs in yet.

Will they respond to something like say, powered milk? My sundews love that stuff when they can't get enough gnats. Oh, guess that question applies to my butterwort too... will it respond favorably to a little powered milk? (its starting to get colder out and my plants are indoors and don't know its October at this point. The bug population is quite low for em.)

While I'm asking, how about cephalotus. I know they can be given a little bit of orchid food from time to time but when their pitchers are so little they're not getting any bugs, is there anything else I can do for them?

I know with my flytraps, if they don't go dormant (and they may not for a while due to the light I'm giving them right now) I can buy crickets for them. I found some moina on the web for my aquatic bladderworts. As I said, I'm just having some problems figureing out how to help my smaller plants. I'm open to ideas.

I have pics of all my plants at

If anyone wants to take a look. (I also put an link at bottom if you don't wanna copy paste hehe)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangled Web of Aracknight

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I never tried powdered milk before on any of my CPs. how old is your sarracenia? is it a seedling? let us know.

small crickets are sold in local petshops. even though if you grew a small sarracenia outdoors, it will still catch tiny flying bugs; mosquitoes, fruit flies, ants, anything that will go into their pitchers. but if your winters are harsh, then don't count on it, bugs are hardly seen during this time of year.

You may get responds from other growers who have tried powdered milk on sarracenias'.

Same thing with your flytraps, if they are young and if you bought them off season, they may still grow during the winter. if not, then let them go dormant.

bugs, bugs, bugs.. the real nutrients are better, always.

As for your cephalotus, you may feed it dried blood worms from pet stores or fishing stores. it might be even better than orchid food. GOD DAMNIT I WANT A CEPHALOTUS TOO!!! >

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