Gift Sarracenia

LeafheadOctober 12, 2013

I have recently been given a beautiful Sarracenia leucophylla.
I was told that it didn't need to rest in Winter.
Question is: do I reduce watering, and should I keep it a little cooler? It seems to have stopped growing for the season, except for a few ribbon like leaves that suggest too little light.
I know that purpurea is hardy to zone 3 or so, but what about leucophylla?

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It DOES need a rest (dormancy) in winter. It's not hardy in Zone 3. If you have a cool basement or unheated garage where you can keep it around 35-40F for the next 3-4 months that would be good. Mine go in the fridge after I cut down the pitchers and put them in zip lock bags.

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Leucophylla does produce several lance shape pitcherless leaves called phyllodia leaves during the summer & again during the approaching winter dormancy.

So the reason your plants stopped growing is that they are now dormant.

Follow the above advice.

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Thank you both for the quick response. I thought they needed dormancy, but was told otherwise. It'll go into the basement c the other dormant plants (corms).

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