Alice sundew is it dead or can it come back

LatinforeverOctober 2, 2005

Ok, I purchase a great looking alice sundew on ebay it was p[acked really carefull with no damage at all on any of the leaves. I potted the sundew in 50-50 mix of perlite and peat moss and in just 2 weeks the plants has turned black, i have the plant on the water tray sytem with about and ich and a half of distilled watter all of the time and the sundew was being grown under a partial sunny conditions.

Can this sundew come back from the dead if it is dead at all?? and what did i do wrong, also it was being grown outside in orlando Florida.

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necro1234(z6 UT)


Did you adapt it to both humidity and sun?
I had one and it did great in this silly fish bowl terrarium.
I then adapted it to indoor humidity and it was fine for a few weeks, suddenly it started to turn bright red and lost all dew, I used a fungacide but the plant just continued downhill from there.
I now have 8-9 of them from Cooks, I adapted them to the indoor humidity and they are growing beutifully!
If the plant dies you should be able to easily grow them from roots as well, so you could either take root cuttings or cut down the actual head of the plant (all dead folige, if there is any living folige that is)

Cheers n good luck!!


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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

I think i might buy a D.aliciae.and throw it in with my d.adalae in a terrium? this plant is tropical? Would it be a good partner for them? its a classic style terrium. I would prefer a tropical plant so yea and maybe a Capenisis, Well Thanks for n e info

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Hey akhead ol buddy

Ye a Aliciae would be perfect, they have pretty much the same growing needs as their cousin the D. Capensis, both come from the Cape of South Africa (my home).
They are tough, need lots of light and good moist soil constatnly, none of them go dorment and the alicia gives off seed readily as well as shoots up plantlets from its root system.

Both the Capensis and Aliciae would be good choices for your terrarium.



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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Oh wow you are from S. Africa? Thats awsome! did you ever get to see n e of the Cape in their natural habitat?! that would have to be awosme!!! And its amazing looking at CP's in their natural habitat, i might go see the VFT this comming summer! I acuatly might be getting these lil guys with in the next two weeks b 4 it gets to cold! And maybe even a N. Ramspinia from cooks! Is that spefici nep hard? if not a Bladderwort! But all they have is a U. Livida and i think that gets big? I would like to see it growing so i can see the traps. any ideas for that? ill have to have a peak at the Savage garden! I might take a try the way they did the corkskrew plant if you have read the Savage. but thanks!

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I grow a U. livida in one of my classic terrariums and it doesn't get too big. Just be aware that it spreads quite readily through soil if given the time (and the proper conditions!). It makes for a very nice carnivorous ground cover :)

I don't really have too many ideas about growing bladderworts so that you can see their traps. Like you said, trying it the way that guy in The Savage Garden did with his corkscrew plant might be a good plan of action.

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Hey Akhead, I was from Port Elizabeth, its pretty much next door to Cape Town.
A friend of mine had a farm, and on it there was TONS of D. Capensis growing wild, it was the first time I had ever seen a sundew or even knew of their existance.



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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Well i figure the soil has to be preaty wet for the Bladderworts and i dont exactly have the space to do that nor Money if i dont get it into the terrium i might just get a smaller pot with no dranage holes. n get some micro organisims. to feed it! I cant rember what they are called it talks about them in the SG and one of my school texts

Sheldon it must have been amazing seeing the Sundew!!!! Thats one i would really like to see in the wild myself!!


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banjoman(z7 NY)

I am having trouble specifically with Alice Sundews (Drosera Alicia). I have bought two at different times from Cook's. Although all of my other carnivorous plants thrive on the window sill (no terrarium) with the water tray method, the Alice Sundews seem to die.

My first Alice Sundew sunk into the soil and turned black. I am not sure if it rotted from contact with the wet soil, or if it needed more moisture. I had purchased a Cape Sundew at the same time which sat in a pot in the same water tray. The Cape Sundew has thrived, while the Alice Sundew looks like it died. Is there a way to bring back this Alice Sundew from it's roots? And how should I water it and take care of it?

I just bought a second Alice Sundew from Cook's. It looked great when it arrived a couple of days ago, but I can already see it is starting to "rot" into the soil with my water tray/window sill growing method. Can anyone give me tips on how to grow it?

My theory is that all of my flytraps, sarracenas and even my cape sundew grow with their leaves up away from their damp soil, so they don't rot. But the Alice Sundew leaves seem to lie right on the wet soil. Do I need to put it in a terrarium, or is there some other trick to get it to thrive? I would prefer to stick with the water tray method if there is some trick to get it to work for the Alice Sundew.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions for how to succeed with this beautiful CP.



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I have been growing aliciae from the start of my collection, one of my favourite plants, very tough I amsurprized to hear that anyone is haveing problems with it. First I would recommend than no newly planted plants should be left in standing water. I actually don't think I ever grew aliciae on the trey, just top watered everyonce and a while and let the trey dry between waterings. Remember to leave it alone.

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I have also lost some dews to the why you have described a short time after receiving them.
I do not use the tray method for any of my CP's.
I grow D. aliciae as a windsowsill plant and it does great. It gets watered twice a week.

As for seeing the traps of Genlisea and Utricularia this is what I do: (link at bottom of page with step by step construction of pot.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Step by step construction of pot

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what are the adaptations of this sundew plant?

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It's a very simple sundew to cultivate. I have done window sill / open tray, as well as under artificial lighting.

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