Echeveria Rot Help

babygreensJuly 21, 2014

This (left pic) was my succulent a little over a month ago, the leaves were yellowing/browning and getting soft. I suspected it was rot so I dug it up looking for "black slimy roots" that people have mentioned on other threads. This being my first succulent, I couldn't tell if there was rot - roots looked normal/not slimey.

Just in case, I cut off the offshoots and pulled some healthy leaves and cut off the crown. In a week, they were all rooting so I planted them. Now two weeks later, a lot of the leaves have gotten brown and soft as well as leaves on the offshoot (right pic) and crown ...

What can I do to save my plant? Is this even rot? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Laura Robichaud

Echeverias naturally lose their bottom leaves. This plant looks healthy.

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when you root a leaf the "mother" leaf will shrivel after roots and a new little plant has started. its true, they do loose bottom leaves but not that many...i think you are watering too much. just stop watering and let it dry out. leave it dry for at least a week.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The leaves had roots but never produced a new plant, and just shriveled up. But the off shoot is doing well, loosing leaves at more normal rate now :)

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