Baby sarracinia ?

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))October 19, 2006

So I have a baby sarracinia-

Seems the "corm" is growing *above* the peat- supported by some dead pitchers & one root.

I don't think they commonly grow like this- So... Should I try & bury the corm a little or leave it alone?

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hmm.. since there's root supporting the base/corm of the plant, i would personally use pinch of moist peat and cover the base of the plantet a little more. trimming off the dead pitchers/leaves can be helpful, this way no problems or worries about rot or mold.

i wouldn't remove the plantet off the soil or transplant it, just cover it with moist peat around the corm/base then sprinkle it droplets of water around the base after placing the peatmoss around the corm of the plant to adjust it right.

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The underground stem isn't called a "corm" like the tubers of the Australian tuberous sundew. ItÂs call a "rhizome", which is an underground stem.

During the growing season, the SarraceniaÂs rhizome has this normal tendency of growing above ground but sphagnum moss covers it up as it grows also. Something that doesnÂt happen normally when grown in a pot. But I can see that your plant is overly exposed, could it be the way it is watered? Do you happen to heavily pour water directly over your plant? That could be why itÂs exposed that much and I concur with xymox suggestion.

Good luck.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Naah- it's in a tray & soaks up water from underneath. Eventually I'm going to take some peat from the bottom of the pot thus lowering the whole level, then spread s'more on top so the rhizome is covered.

I also wonder- is it normal size for 6 months old?

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It looks too big to be only 6 months. Did you buy it as a seedling or it is a seed you sowed? What species is it? That may explain its size too.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Well, the tag says it is (was?) a leucophylla..

I (10 minutes ago) decided to take off the old dead pitchers & see if I couldn't pile some peat around it or something.. Seems it only had 1 root, about the thickness of 5 hairs or so.
That root broke.

So I dug a little hole & put it in there.. I figure maybe it'll root, maybe not. Sigh.

Gotta say I had no idea they grow so slowly- I think it's 6 months old, but might be a bit older. Don't really remember when I planted those seeds.

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