Huntington Sale Purchases :)

Moosetrackz(9)July 2, 2012

The Huntington garden sale was amazing as usual! I got almost all of the plants that I went there looking for.

Hummel's Sunset

duvalia corderoi

Crassula ovata "hobbit" One of my favorites that I got and I almost didn't get it cuz I'd spent my allotted amount but when I noticed it was a bargain at only $5 I couldn't leave without it!

Euphoribia milii

Euphorbia lactea crest I think. I'd love a positive ID on this one. Its SO pretty!

Euphorbia meloformis. How do I tell if it is a male or female? Also, will it make hybrid seeds with my euphorbia obesa if they're male and female? They look similar.

Heres my Obesa. I love these cute little spheres!

Anyone know what this guy is? The tag just said Euphorbia species monstrose.

The show had some really beautiful plants too. I will probably post a thread with pictures of the show tomorrow.

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Ugh! You got oneof the Euphorbia lactea crests, i think maybe Variegata! I was gonna get one, went to get a box anf totaly forgot about it!

The montrose one might be Euphorbia submammillaris, they like a little bit more shady of an enviornment.

Did you see the large 400 dollar crested pachypodium? Ive killed alot of pachy's in my day so i dont think im ready for that one yet

Did you see the thing about what i got?

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The euphorbia crest was one of the plants I was determined to find. Ive been looking for one at home depot and lowes forever but they either don't have them or they're all scarred. I love the monstrose plants. So cool! I didn't see the pachypodium for sale unless you mean the one in the showroom. That one was amazing! My friend went with me and didn't understand the high prices for some of the plants, I had to explain that some of the large ones were probably 25+ years old! Lol

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When i went on friday, they didnt have the sale, sadly ... maybe someone bought it? Because i saw it out in the sale area

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

Love the hummel of course! Love the shape of the hobbit. I have the same Euphorbia lactea crest, but mine is grafted onto another euphorbia. The more pictures I see of the crown of thorns and obesa, the more interested I if I need more cart jumpers lol Great haul :-)

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Nice plants you found!! Always terrific to find the ones you're looking for at a sale! =)

I believe the last is Euphorbia submammillaris fa. pfersdorfii (not monstrose).

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I think I like the Duvalia the most (the Flowers of Stink are Best I think) but you got a nice haul, particularly of the Euphorbs (a genus I strangely was unattracted to when I started collecting - silly me). Grow on with your bad self.

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lol grow on with your bad self too Cactusmcharris!

I really like the starfish like flowers of that variety of succulent. They are so interesting and cool. I got one last year too. Its gotten quite long since last year. I was very pleased that it reflowered this year. I thought maybe it wasnt getting enough light.

My plant does look a lot like Euphorbia submammillaris fa. pfersdorfii, Rosemariero6. Thank you for the ID. :)

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

You can see the gender of E. meloformis and obesa only when they flower. If the flower shows stigma lobes only it is a female, if it produces yellow pollen it is a male.
Euphorbs love to hybridize!


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Thanks cactusjordi!

Hopefully someday in the furture ill have some little hybrid babies! :)

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Really nice 'Hobbit.' I might have snagged it too. Congrats on the great variety and on the Hummel's!

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