My Flowers!!!! Also need ID

0nametaken0July 29, 2014

Hi guys, Ive had many seedums, tropical plants, bonsai, vegetables and aquatic plants flower but Ive never had anything that had big flowers....until now!!! Im so happy, Ive been waiting for my echinopsis to flower. Now someone can finally ID it. I just love how big the flowers are. I also love the zebra flower as its the most interesting looking flower yet. The aloe is on its way as well. This aloe lost a few of its bottom leaves during this past winter. They just dried out, I dont know if I didnt water it enough or I shouldve misted it.

ID please

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Is it a echinopsis oxygona?

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The top one is one of the Stapelias

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First plant is most definitely Huernia zebrina 'Life Saver Plant'. Would love to own one some day and see those crazy flowers in action!

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Just so pretty!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

No wonder you are happy--the flowers are very so beautiful.

Your Aloe looks healthy. They are going to lose a few leaves as they grow new ones no matter what.

Thank you for sharing the photos of these beauties.

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Thanks everyone, I know the id of all the plants except for the pink flower one, I think its most likely the ox but wanted to confirm with someone.

I really didnt think my aloe wouldve made it throught winter but it did and it gave me such a surprise with its flower. It is growing at its slow pace but flowers are the best thing Ive seen.

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