Is it possible this brug will still bloom? Pic Included

lovetogrowflowers(8)September 20, 2012

Hi everyone, I know its been awhile since I posted, but i'm still around. I'm still messing around with Brugs though. I love them and that hasn't changed.

Concerned though:

I've got four brugs total, 1 in a really big pot that bloomed this year, 1 in a large pot that bloomed very well this year, over 3-4 feet in the pot. Two in ground, one I really just didn't give any attention, and kept cutting it back letting my cleome flourish.

Problem one is the "White Brug", all others I have are pink and white, and they all bloomed several different times.

The white bloomed last year, but I did give it bloom booster, but it bloomed beautifully. It's in ground and is the biggest of all four. The buds are so so small. Last year it bloomed on my birthday, October 16 but this year it seems were getting cold weather earlier than normal.

Should I give it some bloom booster? Or is it possible that now that the weather is cooling down it may still have time to bloom? I mean it is in a shady/sunny location. It reaches over the wooden privacy fence and sun does hit it a pretty good bit throughout the day. But would bloom booster this late in the season have enough time to push it along.

Ive been giving it but not as often as last year, and the only thing i did different this year was not water it as much. It showed no signs of stress and I've stopped giving it nitrogen for growth and foilage and such. As a matter of fact i didn't have to do much with it this year. It just grew and grew without much fertilizer at all.

Why is it not blooming? I didnt over fertilize this year for sure, especially that particular brug. The buds are there, but they're staying so small and not even growing in size it seems. Just staying that same small size.

Please advise, as I would love to see this brug bloom this year as well. I know I might sacrifice the foliage with the bloom booster, but didn't have that problem last year anyways. So, do different colors bloom at different times? Why would the others have different flushes of blooms, but this white one only bloom in October.

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When is your first expected frost in zone 8? I usually stop feeding a month before then. You know that fall is the time they really bloom, when night time temps dip. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the reply. Anyone else know why it may not bloom for me this season? It's getting closer and closer to when they were blooming last year and the buds are still super super small. I don't think they'll have enough time to bloom.

The only thing different is that I didn't water this one as much as last year, but it never once wilted on me either. It grew well without much help from MG too. Also over the summer I had also given it 2-3 doses of MG Bloom Booster. Getting kinda worried as to why it may not bloom this year. Don't wanna make the same mistakes next year.

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