Botrytis question

lostbutlookingOctober 5, 2006

Hi all

I am new to CP's but am familiar with Botrytis and am just wondering what you all use to treat this disease. Do you use any biologicals besides the Bacillus? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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Treatment of Botrytis is difficult at the best of times. Even for fungicide users there is very little available that works, especially since Benomyl is now harder to get hold of. The best treatment is good hygene; increase airflow and/or remove dead material from the plant. Trichoderma may or may not help. It won't do anything for a plant suffering from Botrytis attack but it may reduce soil levels and in doing so reduce the bank of spores available to infect the plant. When I've used Trichoderma fungal problems were minimal.

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Thanks for your imput corymbosa. Which of the Trichoderma's are or have you been using? So basically you are saying that you can't bring the plant back after it has been infected. Is this due to the deformities or rots caused by the disease? or maybe something more intrical? I am extremly interseted in hearing anyone's thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance.

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I may not have been clear. I didn't mean it's impossible to bring the plant back after a Botryis infection, I meant that Trichoderma is unlikely to be of any use on an already infected plant. If you've got a grey mold problem, remove any dead leaves, reduce the humidity, increase the airflow and ease back a little on the watering. Botrytis won't favour the resulting conditions and the plant should be able to recover.

Trichoderma is of little use for combatting an existing infection because it's only effective against soil borne pathogens. It is unable to come into contact with fungi growing on the leaves. I don't know which strains are used in the commercial preps I've used (Tricho protection). As I far as I'm aware it contains various strains of Trichoderma harzianum.

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