Perennials/low-shrubs that love sun and heat, amended clay

jenn(SoCal 9/19)October 5, 2013

I am planning to replace the nothing-special spreading Gazania and unknown Daylilies in a sunny (all-day sun) hot strip on a slope of amended clay, flanked by our stone driveway and steps. The steps lead from the street to the door, so the plants in this strip are front and center and need to be neat and tidy.

In our backyard, we have Polygala fruticosa (Sweet Pea Shrub) which is bullet-proof with little water in the heat, but is too tall for these spots. However, I'd like something that tolerates these conditions just as well, but lower, no more than 1-2'. NOT a ground cover, but maybe a collection of Thymes and smallish plants here and there about the size of the foliage of an established healthy Daylily.

I would appreciate suggestions for these conditions. Thank you!

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Goodwin Creek Lavender will fit that spot and so will Pin Cushions and they populate by themselves. Also get some Freesias. They will come up right now and flower in the spring and very fragrant for the steps and driveway.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thank you for the suggestions - I especially like the Lavender.

I should also mention that our front yard has a naturalistic design and no lawn. It was completely re-landscaped several years ago, and now that the plants are mature I can see what can stay and what needs to go because they're either overcrowded or not tolerant of their conditions. The spreading Gazania looks ratty and needs frequent trimming (has to go) and the Daylilies need more water than they get on this slope (may get moved to backyard). I should have a "you dig, you take" party to help me remove them and share with new owners. :-)

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