Infected sarracenia

Dano194October 20, 2013

Hi everyone, new member here!

I bought a Sarracenia leucophylla from a reputable seller 3/4 weeks ago that has started to look rather poorly. Two of the pitchers have developed black spots and white patches of fuzzy mould which are killing the pitchers. These occured after the pitchers began turning brown. There are a total of 4 pitchers and the two that are infected are full of flies (they were the only ones open when it arrived and they sent them already loaded with flies).

I have moved the plant away from the rest of my collection and was wondering what this may be and how I can treat it? The white mould is also growing over the soil. The two other pitchers are unaffected for now and developing nicely. I would really appreciate some help here because I am fairly new to growing.

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More pictures...

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The soil

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All I can think about is maybe ;
Repotting..maybe the medium is rotting
Cut back on watering..maybe cause the rotting to get worst
Use hydrogen should help with mould or any type of infection without harming the plant.

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What kind of soil is it in? It MAY be just normal pitcher rotting due to the decaying insects. If it's fungus use a SULPHUR based fungicide.

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Thanks for the replies and advice. I believe it is in a mix of peat, perlite and sand. I removed the dying pitchers and sprayed the plant with a homemade baking soda fungicide just in case and until I get some better stuff. I also removed and replaced the top layer of soil and can replace more if it persists. I think you could be right about the pitchers rotting seeing as the new pitchers are still unaffected and the fact that the old pitchers were pretty full!

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