James AKA lumpy_jJanuary 5, 2014

So after years of dragging my trees in and out of the house for winter, I finally built myself a small lean to greenhouse for the yard. The past few days my area has been having the coldest temps in decades. After work I went to turn up the heat a bit and realized the heat wasn't working. I scrambled and got another heater going in a few minutes but it was 18 degrees, not sure for how long tho. The occupants were: Meyer Lemon, Pickering Mango, Avocado, Persian Lime, Valencia Orange.

I guess I will have some kindling wood for the fire place.

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Boozemonkey(Massachusetts 6B)

oh no I hope somehow they pull through! Did all the leaves drop?

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James AKA lumpy_j

Not yet, so far the mango looks a little beat up, the rest look the same. I'm hoping it was a short enough period of time that they didn't freeze.

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The same thing happen to me a couple of years ago , came home from work and the temperature was 30 degrees in my greenhouse.I had a small fit!! . We had A power failure around 9 am and I did not get home to 4 pm . What saved my plants is that it was sunny all day and when it is sunny the temperature gets very warm in the greenhouse. The temperature that day was 5 degrees outside and the funny thing is that it was supposed to be cloudy and snow .Thank goodness the weatherman was wrong. If you had any sun that day your plants will probably be fine .Like me the freezing temperatures were probably for a short time if it had been sunny that day.

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Keep us posted.
And remember, no matter the amount of leaf drop, as long as the branches are green, they are still alive.

Could you post pics of your green house? What measures have you taken to retain heat?

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