the VFT

insectoOctober 14, 2006

i was woundering wheather or not this set up was ok for my VFT

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Might be a problem. Just looked at your pics and I see a few possible issues. I don't usually keep my stuff in the tubes from walmart. Secondly, I'm not sure if left there if the plant is actually going to get enough light. You have some taller plants right behind it that might block it from those floresents and the top light looks like its a mile away.

All that being said... it ... might work, but I have serious doubts long term.

Questions... How and what are you watering it with? How long per day are your lights on? Why did you set the lights up like that... (personal curiosity hehe)

I've got pics of my set up on my web site, have a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangled Web of Aracknight

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well the bottum of the store bought plastic pot is cut out so that it touches the soil mix of peat orchid bark and construction sand in the tube. the water at the bottom of the terrarium is wicked up through the longish tub and the lights are in that manner because i know that flouecents have a hard time getting there spectrum of colors very far from there cyinders. can you see all three of them? One is a bulb. and the plasitic case over the plant is to help it to harden off eventually by ever cutting more holes in it to eventually remove the whole thing

i want to start posting pictures of the plant itself because i was thinking that anyone who looks could give me a plant diagnosis on its health. the'll be up later tonight

Rick R.O. 1:35pm; pacific, sunday, 15 oct.

please excuse my bad grammer etc..

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im gonna have to bump this because i cant get pics up till tomorrow... sorry interested people. i will keep this plant healthy with your help.

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well its not the 17 yet. here they are!

i tried to get some good shots of the leafs so that i could get some better diagnoses' of the plants health
is it true that rippleing along the edge of the leafs means that the plant is stressed?

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