Pomegranate Tree Help!

SeanPez(9)October 31, 2011

Hi All!

I had a question about my pomegranate tree. I dont think it is doing that well, the leaves are yellow, and i iddnt have any fruit this year. I want to nurse this tree back to health.

here are pictures of my tree. What should I do?!



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It is the time of year for the leaves turn yellow. That is normal. How old is the tree? They take a few years to get fruit. My tree has already started turning.

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erela(z9 SCal)

Is the tree still in its nursery pot?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Yes, come fall the leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Your tree may still be too young to produce fruit...and is it still in that little pot?

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Hi all!

the tree is 7 years old, and yes it was planted with the nursery pot. I dont know if i should take it off? Might be a good idea, and i can put some grow mulch around the tree for good drainage.

Its funny though because i have a baby pomegranate tree, and its leaves are greener than ever and it looks healthy.



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Your tree looks like it is not getting any nourishment from the soil, barely staying alive. I would wait a little longer now until it is dormant, and then remove what is left of the container, dig up the tree and replant it. I would expect the roots to be strangling them self and needing a little surgery to straighten them out. Some shaping of the foliage would also be appropriate at that time. Mulch good when finished to the drip line. When it leafs out in the spring it will look a whole lot better. Al

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