Rain water collection at Lowes Knightdale

mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)March 14, 2008

they have installed pvc pipe to collect the rain water off the roof into garbage cans in the garden center. There were many cans and most were full, must applaud whoevers idea that was. All the plants looked healthy also.

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amyflora(7 NC)

Maybe you could contact the headquarters (here in NC) and let them know about your pleased reaction. Maybe the innovation could be used in all their stores, the person responsible could get some much needed recognition,and you might get a gift certificate!! I have had some great experiences by getting the right praise to the right person! Just a thought. As one who works at a garden center, any little bit really counts!

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

What a great thing! I wonder if they are doing the same at other local stores? I'm sure the regional managers of these stores came up with the idea. I worked at a retail store like that and almost nothing can be done w/o prior approval. I'll check by the local Lowes in N. Raleigh and see if they are doing the same.

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Logan's Trading Post in downtown Raleigh collects all of their rainwater and uses it solely for watering plants. They have a large roof area due to the old train depot, and collect the water in a large cistern in the back. They don't use any city water for irrigating their plants -- at least that's what they told me.

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i tend the plants in the garden dept at the wal-mart on hwy 15-501. we were determined not to suffer waterwise like we did this past fall, so downspouts from the garden dept roof now direct rainwater to big barrels. i've suggested that the downspouts be replaced with flexible corrugated pipe so that when one container is full the pipe can be placed in another container so the runoff won't be wasted (right now the runoff just overflows and empties onto the ground.

when we know that rain is coming we line up the big flower pots and wheelbarrows to catch rainwater. then when i come in at 7am i empty the wheelbarrows into the flower pots. this week we're anticipating a huge delivery of plants and i'm sure we'll need every drop of water we can get to keep them alive!

durham NC

by the way, the company that i work for is hiring, if anyone's interested. (i'm not a wal-mart employee--i work for the plant grower/distributor.) it's really a cool job. :)

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