Hi everyone im a newby carnivorous plant enthusiast

cyclonenatOctober 18, 2012

Hi i am Natalie from New Zealand i have just been introduced to these beautiful plants i am looking to grow them from seeds could anyone help out?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

What are you trying to grow???

Not talking ****
But growing carns from seed isn't exactly to best way to go for a NOOB

Get some established Plants / Let them flower & go to seed & go from there

But if you want to start your collection from seed
Dews Sarrs VTFs are pretty easy / not to hard to start from seed
But Neps can be a pain (IMIO) & can take forever
+ Be careful were you get your seeds from / Nep seeds need to be fresh

Good Luck

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I'm interested in these plant, do you know where to get them? I also heard that growing from seed can be rewarding, and the roots are more developed

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I would start with plants first not seeds. Try these vendors:




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