Fruit trees for Santa Rosa, ca

mouser1979October 6, 2013

I need help choosing trees. My daughter wants a peach, plum, and cherry tree in our back yard. I'm having trouble narrowing down the selections. We don't plan on canning. We will probably need dwarf or semi-dwarf as our backyard is not huge.

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Santa Rosa Dwarf Plum Tree

sorry I could not resist
It actually is my favorite plum

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My recommendation is to call 565 2608 the UC Cooperative Extension in Santa Rosa and ask for Paul Vossen's suggestions. He is the farm adviser and a fruit tree specialist. Or you could look in any Sonoma county library for the Master Gardener Handbook and read the chapter on Tree Fruit, he wrote it. Al

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

I live near Santa Rosa and I've compiled a list of fruits that are well suited to our climate and also have good flavor. I've grown some and can attest personally to their success, others have been successful in other north bay gardens but I haven't grown myself (yet.)

White Peaches - Sugar May, Strawberry Free, Snow Beauty, Arctic Supreme, Indian Free

Yellow Peaches - Earlitreat, Gold Dust, EvaâÂÂs Pride, July Elberta, Elegant Lady, Muir, Fay Elberta, Rio Oso Gem, Fairtime

European Plum - BavayâÂÂs Green Gage, Italian Blue Damson

Asian Plum - Santa Rosa, Howard Miracle, Elephant Heart

Pluot - Flavor King, Flavor Grenade

Cherry - Bing, Van

Are you planning on planting one of each type of fruit? Do you have neighbors with fruit trees that can pollinate yours? You might want to look into Dave Wilson's backyard orchard culture, like planting two or three trees in one hole so you can get more variety and a wider range of ripening times. I know you didn't ask about pluots, but they are very plum-like and tasty. Also, you will have to spray your peaches for Peach Leaf Curl, Muir and Indian Free are supposedly PLC resistant but until I plant mine and see for myself I'm not going to say that they don't need spraying. One last piece of advice - protect your trees from gophers! The fruit trees I've planted in gopher cages have done much better than those I planted without.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dave Wilson garden page

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I was considering the Stella cherry tree. Any thoughts?

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Santa Rosa hands down. Right off the tree ripe- ambrosia.

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I usually find the local nurseries do a good job of identifying and having on hand what works well there and can tell you both what works, and what is experimental and on appropriate rootstocks.

Here is a link that might be useful: DWN's Fruit and Nut Harvest Chart (PDF)

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