Sarracenia flava Pictures South Georgia

buckcity(08)October 31, 2009

Took a field trip today to take pictures of Sarracenia flava. The location is about ninety-eight miles north of my North Florida home.

Nice Orange Color (below.)

Young flava.

It is interesting to note that many new pitchers continue to form.

Hope to drive over to the Apalachicola National Forest next month or two.

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Great photos! Sarrs in the wild! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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Had it been a little cooler I would have taken more pictures. Saw a small rattlesnake so I didn't linger in the waist high grass too long.

There were hundreds of plants but only in this one remote area. No other species visible.

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How far is this from home?

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From my home it is about 98 miles north (approximately two hour drive.) Goes through several small towns that slows down the driver.

It's too bad there is no interest in re-introducing the species in the area because many homes have small ponds or wet ditches and there is at least one large lake -but all devoid of sarracenias.

Got the directions from a relative who drives around the region in his work.

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Buck, you see my zone/address??? Were you any where near me? There are some fairly close to me & some of them have come out onto the right-of-way and get mowed off by the county. I plan on getting some from there & relocate to my property!

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Hey ga.karen,

They are way on the other side of Lakeland-east.

Do you already grow sarracenias? I was wondering if you had a bog.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Hey Karen what you plan on doing is probably illegal and I wouldn't be telling anyone, especially on the WWW.

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