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marquest(z5 PA)July 25, 2013

I went to Lowes today for something other than plants but I cannot go to Lowes and not stop past their dead plant area.

I picked up a orchid for 1.00 it still had the bloom and in a very pretty black pot., If I kill it I will have a very nice pot.

I also saw a planter of succulents on the floor next to the dead plants but no price.

When I went to ask a price they had closed the register and the door in the plant area. So I went in and purchased what the item for the true trip to Lowes and at the checkout I told the clerk it was with the dead plants but no price. She said "Well it is free". I thought she was kidding but she did not charge me for the planter.

Are any of the plants familiar to anyone? Do you have a name??

The larger plant is a dark green almost black with pink ruffled edge. I took it in my bathroom and it is evening so it is not a good pic.

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So lucky!! Nice planter. Sorry can't help with ID ;(. Good luck. ;)


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The vining looking plant along the left that is pink and green looks like one that I also purchased from Lowes and appears to be in decent shape. Here is the tag. Sorry that I can't help with the others.

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And here it is growing in my strawberry pot to the right of the photo.

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The pink frilly one is echevaria gibbiflora, I believe ... someone posted a picture of theirs a few months ago after getting some sun, and it was just gorgeous!

The ones just to the left of that is a graptopetalum paraguayense, in my opinion, and it looks like you have a little sprig of sedum rubrotinctum tucked in up to the right of it.

Good luck with the planter; those plants look far from dead to me! I think they will bounce back with some sunshine.

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excellent score!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's beautiful! A purple/pink plethora of perfection.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Aud!! Good to see you here again! Great story! Glad you got it for free! Couldn't think of a better home! =)

Naming the vining one- seems there are several being used for that Crassula. Can't say for certain which is correct. Tag above is one of them. If you want to look further, swap out the species name with pellucida.

The dark one is an Echeveria and most likely a gibbiflora hybrid. Beyond that, who knows?!

As another said, back right looks like Sedum rubrotinctum.

Looks like either an xGraptosedum or xCremnosedum (grey/pink guy on left).

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marquest(z5 PA)

chuy415, alkh86, Thank you. I give away so many plants so I think that is why I have such luck at getting back. I think the more I give the more I have gotten back.

Danielle317, thank you for pointing me in the right direction to research.

drebenc , That black pot really makes it pop. Good choice of pot Thank you for the pic.

purpleinopp, Purple I think of you whenever I see Purple. I am going to do a purple pot. I have been gathering a lot of purple houseplants. Keep a look out it is going to be a winner and it is going to make your heart go pitter patter. LOL

rosemariero, Oh there is my Plant Psychic. You know I have been calling you that now for at least 10 years. I remember when Jeff sent me my first succulent and I was amazed at your plants and how you were always able to ID any plant.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Ha ha, you make me laugh every time you say it, too! LOL

It says here I joined in 2001 (I looked the other day-1 of my 2 sign-ons), but I thought it was more like 1996! There wasn't much plant info online back then. I remembered there was some other site that disappeared way back then, but I can't remember its name...maybe something simple like . Does anyone else (old-timers) remember that site? I also remember HGTV forums, right before Yahoo groups came about. I digress. Nice to remember old times! Thanks for bringing plants for me to ID. Keeps me busy (with good stuff!)! =)

Just had a thought to look online on the way back machine. Yay! It shows garden. com was around from Dec '96-04, then it seems to have changed hands to for a couple yrs & then bk to Now I don't know if it ever had a forum! Oh well. Somehow came to be & we've been hanging out (with a 3 yr hiatus '06-'09 for me)!

OooEee, it gets even better! The way back machine shows that GW was around since Oct '96. I WAS here back then. Trying to find a post of mine from the early days. This is fun!
Thanks for making me think of it, Aud! The C&S forum was there from the beginning, and they were adding forums all the time. I'm still looking to find when the Name That Plant forum came about! Did I go off on a tangent, or what?!

Here is a link that might be useful: Way Back Machine of GW

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marquest(z5 PA)

Rosemarie, I knew it was a long, long time ago. I remember going to Name That Plant forum and would see you ID plants left and right. I said to myself she is Psychic because there is no way she could know all those plant names. LOL

I was shy back then. I would cruise the forums and read and search to see what plant I had brought home and how to care for the new treasure I had found. I was a Lurker. I really got to be a lurker when I saw someone ask about a Lucky Bamboo on the Bamboo forum. I thought they all turned into vampires and attacked and sucked all the blood out of the poor soul that dared to ask a question about a plant that was not a bamboo just because it was called a Lucky Bamboo. LOL

After awhile I grew a pair and came out of lurkerdome and I have been out every since. But you will always be the Plant Psychic to me.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Aud, I've been having fun cruising the (very) old forums posts. They didn't save every day & even if listed, you can't see all the posts. It is hit & miss. But it looks like The C&S forum was there from the beginning. (I didn't get into that till later) The Cacti gallery was added several years after the start. The earliest post I can see in the Name That Plant forum was 2000.

I found a post you made in the NTP about a Hippeastrum or Vallota-and was even able to see your pic! It was from 12/27/02!
I found one of mine (rare to request ID) in July 2000 for a weed or ? & found out what Pokeweed was all about!

I did hang out in the NTP every day! :O Considered myself an Obsessed Plantaholic back then! I was learning something new every day!

FUNNY about the Lucky Bamboo in the Bamboo forum. Back then, they DID eat you alive! I recall being scolded for not considering the plants were grown on the EAST coast, so they couldn't possibly be whatever I thought they were (as I knew mainly plants grown on the West coast). Ha ha! Fun Stuff!

Found posts from Jeff & Kelly Griffin, Carol23 (still on NTP), & a variety of other folks I still see on Facebook, but not here anymore. Lots of good memories least SOME of them. I'm feeling like an Old Fart tonight! Hee hee!

Thanks for all your kind words, Aud! I'm SO glad you came out of lurkerdom!
~fondly, PP

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