Is Anemone blanda gopher-resistant?

rosefollyOctober 28, 2011

I live in a semi-wild foothills location. I plant shrubs, trees, and some perennials in gopher baskets, and do some intermittent trapping, but really the gophers will be with us forever. In our back garden area the little mounds pop up between the fruit trees and make a joke of our attempts to plant a native fescue swath.

I have thought of planting Anemone blanda in mixed blue shades as a stream sunning through a natural pathway, much as one would place rocks in imitation of a stream bed. The bulbs are said to be somewhat toxic, which made me think that the gophers would leave them alone just as they leave daffodils alone. Does anyone know from experience if this is true? I like the idea of the blue ribbon threading through.

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They may not be gopher food, but I have not been able to keep either anemone blanda or Anemone 'De Caen' going past 2 years. I think they want more winter chill than we get in zone 9.

scilla hispanica (blue bells) will easily perennialize, does not seem to be gopher food, and makes a pretty blue stream :)


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Chad, thanks! I just sent in my bulb order for this year (getting some tazetta daffodils) but I will keep your suggestion in mind for the future.

Is Scilla hispanica happy without summer water? This is an area I do not plan to irrigate.


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I think so. I have them in all sorts of places... They form a strong clump which will out-compete any weeds, yet they don't really spread without some help. There is a lot of name confusion with these scilla - the one which is the most perennial has wider leaves (up to 1") that some of the others. I am trying the pink version again, the white and the pink ones dwindled away for me.

Scilla peruviana is also a purple - going towards blue and even pale lavendar; but has very large flowers; it is happiest when completely dry in summer.

Another idea was muscari, I don't care for the leaves, but they do look OK under a small tree etc.


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I inherited some Scilla peruviana from the previous owners. They had it planted under a redwood tree in the back yard. It goes completely dormant in the summer. I moved some into the front garden, watered weekly, and it did okay, but I thought it looked messy in that setting. A lot of bulbs do better when they are planted at middle distance, close enough attract admiration when in bloom, and distant enough to ignore when the foliage is fading.


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