Woo Hoo!! 77 new White Pines planted!

nannerbelle(8A)March 29, 2009

Well, the temp was nice and the sun out for the first time in a week today! Even though the wind was BRUTAL! So DH and I got out this afternoon and planted 77 of my White Pine seedlings that I got from SC Forestry. I ran a line about 4 ft. to 5 ft. apart, yes a little close but I want a hedge from this. I ran it down both sides where my property is the most shallow. And placed it so it defines and closes in my actual yard area as well as line part of my drive way coming up to the house. I also defined several areas for my future beds and trellises. May I let all my fellow South Carolina residents know, SC Dept. of Forestry did me really good. The seedlings were beautiful healthy little trees. I purchased the 2 year old White Pine. I'm very pleased with the quality of the new trees! These guys are a fantastic resource! So my privacy hedge project is off to a great start!! Oh boy, am I going to be sore tomorrow!!

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Incredible! It was COLD here in Georgia today! I don't think it's a problem planting them close together - pines are the easiest tree to thin out if necessary. I think you did the right thing.

And I agree that state forestry departments are a fabulous resource. I have always gotten great stuff from the Georgia one - except for pines (which are cheap but small), the hardwood seedlings are always good sized.

Don't forget to take some advil (or equivalent) tonight.

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Thank you esh ga!! I took your advice as soon as I came in the door LOL. I've noticed since I moved out here, Aleve is my bestest newest friend! :-) Thankfully, only a little stiff this morning and during the workday it wore off. We went back out this afternoon, which was even more beautiful than yesterday with no wind, and finished them up! So we ended up with 102 planted. There were a few more, either very intertwined toward the bottom of the box. And I had about 5 or so that were pretty small so I doubled up on a couple of the holes. DH is getting into this now, he actually said this afternoon, "have you thought about running a line of landscape timber in front of them?" Wow, that tickled me, it's usually a whatever you want to do dear response. I think he is starting to enjoy this and actually is getting a good mental picture of what I'm striving to achieve here. So we measured off and will start installing landscape timbers to help define the lines of the hedge and protect the little ones from careless UPS drivers! I'm really happy with the way this project is moving and very happy with the way it's turning out!

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wilson1(7 G'boro NC)

Hi Nannerbelle. I've been following your saga and sympathize wholly with you. We also wanted to move to the country but ended up with neighbors. How big are the white pines that you got from the SC Forestry? That sounds like something I may want to imitate!

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Hi Wilson1, the pines are 2 year old and are about 12 inches to 18 inches high once planted. They also have a great root structure. SC Forestry will sell out of state if there is a surplus. Give them a call to find out. They are on the net. From all my research they will take off rapidly, and some that are more mature I have, maybe 4 to 5 years old on the property have grown very nicely. Those are growing at the rate of about 2 ft. or more per year! Do you also have acreage? Give some more details on your layout, I'd love to share info! Good Luck!!

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wilson1(7 G'boro NC)

Hi Nannerbelle. We ended up with only three acres, but we would like to make them private and have planted a couple white pines that are babies of bigger trees on our property, and you are right, they grow like crazy! Two feet a year is great! I love them and the privacy they provide. What I would do with the pines from the forestry would be to plant along the property line to form a visual barrier.

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Yes, these are beautiful!! I have a lot of "babies" coming back from years of tree farming on the property. The last cutting for the tree farm was in 2005 I believe. And I have white pine that is 8 to 10 ft tall right now. They are doing a great job coming back in and growing rapidly! They would be a wonderful choice IMO for a privacy hedge around your land similar to what I'm putting in here. And the forestry sales would be a great source for you as well, the prices for quantity is a fantastic value! Good luck to you on your project!!

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