just starting

vampyrepyro420(6a)October 18, 2006

hello everybody,

im just starting my love of carnivrous plants and i got a vft today at lowes, i think it will die because it was really dry but it was really green, i wish they had some neps there because i would have gotten all of them because they are probbly my favorite


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Water your flytrap with distilled or purified water as soon as possible. avoid tap water since it may contain salts.

make sure your flytrap has a small dish or saucer under the pot/container. this will help the soil to stay moist at all times.. make sure the soil is moist at all times as well, never allow the soil to dry out..

After that, grow it under flourecent lights or in a sunny location for now, it should recover. then gradually increase the lighting every week. Since fall is coming(days are shorter and colder) it's best to grow your plant under artificial lights.
16 hours daily will be suficient for its growth. Right now, i am currently growing 2 new flytraps under artificial lighting.

**word of advice****

avoid trying to poke its traps or feeding it, just avoid exhausting it any further. the little plant will need all its energy to send new leaves and make new traps. With patience, you will be able to feed it bugs later on once your flytrap thrives in its new location. good luck

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Basically, the idea is to nurse it back to health and get it through the rest of fall and winter. Good advice above!

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