Is my VFT unhealthy?

insectoOctober 25, 2006

what do these pics tell you about my plant? because im worried it will not survive with me as its caretaker the sixty watt bulb i have it under is now no more than inches away the bottum of the pot is cut out so that the peat inside touches the peat in my cylinder(hmmm...)does that make sense? and there are holes in the cylinder so that water wicks itsway up from the bottum of the terrarium. i have old pics and new ones. it looks like to me that my plant is on a slow deteriation of health from looking at both old and new pics but i dont know because i dont have the same lighting. thats why im here to get some expert opinions

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It could simply be that your VFT is going dormant, it's that time of the year. And with a 60 watt lightbulb didn't helped much. One sing in my experience that its going dormant, it starts sprouting smaller leaves and what i can see from the photo, that seems to be the case.

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get a 100 watt florescent screw in kind. It in the shap of a normal bulb but it is a spiral florescent tube. It uses 26 watt's. look at wallmart and get the soft white not daylight they don't like it if u cant find it ask someone were the energy saver lights are.

You VFT will love it

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