Venus Fly Trap+ Sundew

lfhlaw(Z6 PA)October 28, 2008

Well I have a similar question as the other the other guy, but not sure if I should just put it outside to force dormancy? or leave it in my house for the VFT.

The Sundew I heard doesn't need Dormancy.

The VFT has been growing well inside on window sill. In fact it's growing another leaf right now. I think it gets probably daylight most of the day unless it's cloudy. It did eat a ladybug type of those japanese laydbug but not a ladybug thingy's.

I have been watering with distilled water and have yet to transplant either of the plants. Just following what i've learned on this forum and other sites.

1. Should I throw it outside or stimulate dormancy or stick in refrigerator? or just keep it on sill until next year?

2. anyone know a good website to buy supplies from? (Moss+planters)

3. Will both plants get bigger next year if I put them both into dormancy now?

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The sundew picture is blurry but it seems to be a D. adelae. This does fine at a window sill, with a drained pot, sitting in a plastic container of distilled water.

The VFT presents a small dilemma. It really is an outdoor plant and it should be heading into dormancy right now. Your winter will be too cold to keep outside but if you have an attic or garage with a southern window sill, I would try that. It also should be in a drained pot. You really can't stick a 70 F plant into a 40 F fridge. It should be done gradually.

I buy all my supplies from Home Depot & Lowes.

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I agree with Petiolaris. Give the VFT a light dormancy this year on a window sill, next spring put it outside in full sun all day. In the fall when temps get down to 40 regularly put in the fridge and leave it until spring.

The Sundew can go in a bright (warmer) window (not window sill!) and needs no dormancy. Use distilled or rainwater ONLY for both plants.

d. Adelae will grow and sprout babies LIKE CRAZY.

You'll have a ton of them in no time!

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lfhlaw(Z6 PA)

So I'm trying to induce dormancy on my VFT, how do i know when it's kicked in lol?

Also, When it is in dormancy does it still need sunlight? cuz my garage has no windows.

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VFT's come from North Carolina. Winter in in N.C. means temps that range from a little below freezing to the 50's, for the most part. They're also getting ~9-10 hours of daylength for the winter. It isn't a matter of having light or not. It's a matter of how much daylight they are getting. You're in PA, so if you have an attic with a window, you can put the VFT by a window and let nature dictate when the plant wakes up.

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a nice website sells pots and sphagnum moss- it's called Blackjungle

Here is a link that might be useful: Blackjungle

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