Need Euphorbia ID, thanks

flowerpottipperJuly 16, 2014

Hello everyone.

I bought a few small succulents the other day, one being this Euphorbia (which is what I believe it to be) but have no idea of it's type. I've spent several days looking up everything it could possibly be online, but have found nothing yet, which is why I've decided to finally give up and see if anyone on here might know or at least what your guesses might be. It looks pretty different from my other Euphorbias which is why I bought it...and that it was kinda cute lol.

Thank you.

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Here's another pic of it's side.

Thanks again

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

At its current size, it's a tough call but I would venture a guess of Euphorbia flanaganii or a hybrid thereof. There are several medusoid Euphorbia, so you may have to wait until the head grows larger. Also, it appears to be an "arm" division possibly from a crested parent that threw off a "normal" pup. I say this because of the long "stem".


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Thank you so much, I too thought I may need to wait til it got bigger, but your guess was close to what I could find on google. That picture you provided looks just about exactly what mine looks like. I hope your right cause it would be fun to see it when gets bigger, as I've never seen any medusoid-type euphorbias for sale around my area. I love Euphorbias, especially the more unusual ones, so im excited I found this one.

Thank you again.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

They come in all sizes and shapes. The one in the foreground is E. flanaganii.

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It is kind of cute in that odd plant lover way.
I've had one for a year or two now (as I get older days just run into each other).
It has given off many newbies, pups or offsets but not in the usual way.
I'm glad I grabbed it when I did, I haven't seen another one sold here again.
The sap is sticky and irritating, and has tiny flowers.
It loves the heat here but I have to bring it in for the winter.
Have fun as it grows!
The one shown is in a 14" pot and is about 18" across.

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Thank you for sharing that picture of your plant, it's beautiful!! Maybe someday my baby will get that big, a million years from now lol. I'm trying to get mine use to the sun since I don't know how long it was inside the store and if it's ever even been outside. Euphorbias do not look nice when they don't have enough sun light...I really hope my plant is even a medusoid type, I'll be kinda disappointed if not, now that I've seen what a beauty it can grow into.


Your plants are awesome also, even though I love Euphorbias, I never really look into the medusa types (I've seen them many times online but have never actually really paid attention to them), so I've never noticed how many different types there was. But that's why I love plants, it's a never ending learning experience, Even after years of collecting and researching, I'm always discovering something new.

The only thing now is that I may have to go and order all the different types now online lol. Actually they are going on my list to buy but I have a few others I need to buy first as soon as this 100 plus degree weather calms down...

Thank you again both of you, you've been a big help!!

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I forgot to add a picture of the 'twins'.

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