Shrub with Coral Flowers

roberta_nc(Zone 7 NC)March 10, 2006

Can anyone tell me what the shrub is that's blooming now that has flowers that are pinkish-coral colored? Maybe more coral than pink. They bloom about the same time as forsythia and remind me of that except for the color of the blooms.


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myrmecodia(7 NC)

Perhaps flowering quince? They bloom early with coral/fuschia flowers, but they don't look much like Forsythia to me.

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they're flowering quince. i went on a nursery-hunt to figure out what they are...

i'm seriously thinking of buying one to replace holly (i don't like my holly bushes)... not sure though... especially since i don't really know what they do the rest of the year!

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They're not really attractive year-round shrubs; they tend to defoliate early and so can look the same in summer as they do in winter.

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chapelhillgardener(7a NC OrangeCo)

they're very nice in a mixed shrub border - allow LOTS of room. they've got some impressive thorns, too - good for discouraging "traffic" if you need to.

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surface_noise(z8a NC)

As alicia stated, they're very "one note" plants: nice when in bloom (for about two weeks), but it's all downhill from there - poor, dull foliage that starts to drop by August, then an unkempt framework of sticks till it again comes into bloom. As pointed out by chapelhillgardener, a mixed border situation (preferably in the least desirable position) is really the way to go.

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hmm. What about flowering almond? How do they do during summer?

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tamelask(z8a NC)

the japanese beetles like fl quince, too. they can get cedar apple rust as they are an apple family member. i moved the one that i'd been pruning(ouch!) for yrs to the back yard last yr and am so happy to not have to deal with it again. it can get as obnoxious as it likes back there. the pink in the distance was pretty.

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roberta_nc(Zone 7 NC)

Thanks for the info! It is certainly pretty now but sounds like it doesn't stay that way.

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I ,too, was wondering what that shrub was. It is beautiful blooming now, but I think I will forgo planting one.Thanks for the information

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We had a flowering almond when we lived in Wilmington. It was beautiful when flowering and then not too impressive after that.

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byrdlady(7b NC)

I love my "Peach Cameo" quince. Bought a small potted plant from the Daniel Stowe Garden booth at the spring show in Charlotte one year and it grew quickly. It is one of the first flowering shrubs to bloom and is always an eye-catcher!

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I like them too - guess my garden would be empty without onece-a-year bloomers. I love the color, especially with azaelas or dogwood, or under a small wintersweet tree, as I have it out front.

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Interesting range of comments on the quince. I am thinking of getting one too for that splash of color in Feb and March. I am looking to have something in bloom for every month of the year. I do have the camellias and plan on more but want to get witch hazel and the quince to add more color. I will however based on what I have read here plant it more out of the way where I don't have to deal with it the rest of the year....


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