What do you think of Carolina Gardening magazine?

alicia7b(z7b/8aNC)March 24, 2008

I used to get it years ago but quit when it started to seem like it was recycling stories. I still have several old issues though, including a profile of the sisters's garden on Gimghoul Road in Chapel Hill. (I have been a fan of their garden ever since I first saw it when running in their neighborhood over 20 years ago.) But I do wish it had more numerous and in-depth stories about local gardeners and even nurseries.

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I also let my subscription expire several years ago. Some of the newer garden writers they used needed a refresher (or in some cases, Basic training), in the Horticulture field. It reached a point where it was no longer interesting.

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I liked some of the articles, but it should be called North Carolina Gardening. Not much in it specific to SC gardeners, especially retail nurseries, garden centers, etc.

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computergardener(z7 NC)

It is the type of magazine I subscribe to, drop and then resubscribe.

I enjoy it when it arrives but as others state, it does seem to recycle articles. If you have not received it in the past, I say it it a shot.

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even though i pick it up for free at a local garden shop, i still find it boring. dully written, no personality. they need to jazz it up.

durham NC

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nonews(Zone 7 NC)

Being from the North, I do find it interesting so far. I also enjoy the ads and find some good information in them. Just my opinion. Nancy

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I found too, too many mistakes in the magazine and stopped my subscription. I am a daylily nut and an old garden rose nut. Every time they would have an article on either of these I would find statements that would have me seeing red because they were so WRONG! I realized that the articles about other plants that I don't know so well probably had mistakes too, and so I couldn't depend on anything I read. I quit reading. Denise

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