viburnum macrocephalum 'sterile'

GreenfingerGeneMarch 9, 2012

I have visited every nursey and garden shop in High Point looking for a viburnum Chinese Snowball tree. Does anyone know where I can purchase this tree in the Triad area of North Caolina?

Thank you!

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I live in upstate SC and we have quite a few nurseries that stock viburnum macrocephalum 'sterile'.

I recently bought two and the priced varied greatly from nursery to nursery. A few places that did not have it told me that they do not get there snowballs in until they start to bloom as the look alone sells them.

Maybe the nurseries near you will get them in as the plant blooms.

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bigbloomers in Sanford has it. Just bought a second. My first is 15 ft tall and all budded out. evergreen. love it.

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Wow, people.

GreenfingerGene explicitly asks about where to buy this shrub in the TRIAD of NC...and he gets random lectures from SC and Sanford...neither of which is in the Triad.

Gene, call around to nurseries (including big box store garden centers) into Greensboro as ask if they carry the Chinese snowball bush, and ask what size container they are being sold in.

Not precise help, but it's more helpful IMHO.

I could have told you about lots of nurseries in TN or SE VA that have the shrub, but...

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