Help growing Pitcher Plant from seed

bunny6(7 AR)October 10, 2008

I am new to growing CP's. I bought a collection of 3 different pitcher seeds. They are different Sarracenia. How do I start the seeds. Do these plants have to be in a bog or pond? Can you grow them directly into the soil or a container? How do you care for them. I have tried to research them online, but I couldn't find the info. I needed. I do have a pond with a shelf. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Sarracenia seeds, in order to germinate, need to first go through a period of what is called cold stratification. That means it needs about 8 weeks of being in an environment that is both cold and wet. I put them in baggies with distilled water, in the fridge.

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After they come out of the fridge ,don't put them seeds in normal soil, you need peat to grow them. Just lay the seeds on top of the peat and water them regularry(rainwater only, not from the tap)

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After germination, be prepared for a VERY long wait. I have some S. rubra var. jonesii seedlings which, four years after sowing, are about 2" tall and about the same in diameter!

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Pics of seedlings:

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