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nyctiOctober 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to All

Hi Mutant and Petiolaris,

Thank you for your help the beginning of Sept. with the Venus Flytrap and the tiny vegetative apomixis. I took your suggestion and wrapped moss around it, keeping it damp. In a 2 yr old archive of another forum I finally found directions on how to remove it. I sacrificed the, not much of a chance, seeds and cut the stalk. By then the plantlet had started some tiny roots in the moss. Today it is outside in it's own pot enjoying our warm weather with mom. Mom took some time to recover but has put up lots of new growth, about 10 new traps, small, but growing and has good color. The baby is doing the same.

And thank you for the encouragement on separating the D. adelae. You are right, they grow like weeds. From one ( 2 leafed, dried up ) Home Depot plant I purchased in May I have about a dozen plus what I have given away.

Have a good evening,


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Happy Halloween Nycti,

Good job. I had never dealt with vegetative apoximas before myself, but I was reasonably sure that they could be rooted and repotted. Those apoximas are usually brought on by hormonal imbalances in the plant due to inconsistent seasonal cues. Now that you have it away from the "dark store of plant limbo" and growing outside seasonally it should grow normally and stop making apoximas.

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You're very welcome! Hey, it was just 4 years ago I was asking the basic of CP questions.... and made a lot of mistakes in the process!

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