Don't discrad the dead neps! There may still be hope!

hunterkiller03(9)October 5, 2010

Here's something for everyone to know.

This is something I've seen in several of my neps. Like N. sanguinea, ventricosa, alata, and rafflesiana var. gigantea plantlent. I had plants that seemed to have died, you know, totally dead stem, no roots, and dead leaves. It look dead as you can call it dead.

Sure I would get angry for loosing the plant but also too lazy discarding the pots. Because I left them in the pan, their soil is kept moist as well as receiving light. I was happily surprised that a small plantlet would grow from what I assumed was a dead stem.

The most recent nep that died on me was a small raff. gigantea of a stem cutting, it died, but left the pot next to my growing plants. Basically forgotten for 7 month and lo and behold it came back to life! A small plantlet growing next to the old dead stem.

So if your purchase a nepenthes and it dies. Don't give up on it, take care of that pot and maybe you will be lucky you have it come back to life. Obviously some fragment of the plant survives and its just matter of time to let it come back.


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Nice story! A survivor! Refused to die!

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