Milo56January 30, 2012

Ordered a meyer lemon from South Carolina,received broken package during cold weather in MA. Tree arrived potted in 1/2 plastic pot.I re-pot tree in bigger pot the same day.Tree already look sad.The next day all the lives where DRY.I call the company,they told me the lives wheel come back in 2to 3 weeks.Is it there a chance for this lemon tree? If it is how to treat this situation? Thanks

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We'd love to help you, Milo, but we don't have enough information to know just how bad the situation might be. Is there any chance that you could take some pictures to let us see this plant?

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Personally, I would ask the company for a replacement (send fotos of how it arrived); or I would ask them for my money back and get another tree in the Spring. It is not really the best time to be planting or repotting citrus. I think you are off to a bad start with a damaged tree. My rule of trees... You are going to have this tree for a long time and make a big investment in time, money and spirit; so start with the best tree you can find. It is kinda like buttoning your shirt... if you get the first button wrong, it doesn't matter how careful you are after that.

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Well a weary sad picture.A 3 ft toll toothpick with a couple small branches 3 to 4 inc long steel looks green, the rest of a plant 1/4 in thick steel looks greenish but absolutely no lives.Lives where all dry over night,10 hr after the tree arrived. The box was damage and left by the FedEx outside on a relatively cold temp. my pond was frozen that day completely.Same day arrived Nules Clementine, tree lost a couple lives the rest of lives steel closing. After re planting both trees the same day thoroughly water them and they got 12 hr of grow light worm 125w.Thanks for your follow-up AL Sincerely Milo

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Thank you Johnmerr for respond. I call company about situation and being told if three day till spring i will got a replacement.Not before and of it anything to revive those trees quickly? Thanks

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there's still hope for your trees, just shock from the cold and being in a dark box during the 2-3 days being shipped a few hundred miles.

just keep them warm and give them lots of light, place that light close to the plants for maximum photosynthesis.

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