Iris reticulata in mild winters

jenn(SoCal 9/19)October 12, 2012

I stopped at OSH to pick up a pot, and happened to pass by their new display of bulbs. I bought a package labeled Iris 'Reticulata'. The package shows them growing in a pot and says they reach 6 inches tall, so these must be the species, I. reticulata.

My trusty Sunset Western Garden Book says I. reticulata blooms mid-winter in mild areas (like mine) and "need some subfreezing winter temperatures to thrive". Great! So, unless our winter temps get below 32F, they won't thrive.

Do any of you in mild-winter zones successfully grow this Iris? Should I store it in the freezer and plant it in spring? Or plant them once in a container and toss them after they bloom?

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I have a few of those. I put in Harmony last year in Oct and all of them came up this spring and all flowered. I probably get a few more chill hours than you.
I have another variety Katherine Hodgkins that is similar to Reticulata and they did good also.

Why not just put in a container and leave them. See what happens the next year before you toss them.
I would think if you froze them without soil they would be mush.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thank you. If I put them in a shallow clay bowl, that might create a mini microclimate that feels below freezing.

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I had put this in Oct 2010. The leaves came up in 2011 but havent flowered. Now, the leaves are coming out again. Is it too early? Do you think it will flower this year?


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