Yesterday-today-tomorrow--I have 2 kinds

socksOctober 23, 2010


I have two yesterday-today-tomorrow plants in pots. One has light green leaves, the other has wider darker leaves. I would like to take one to plant at the school where I work, but I'm not sure if they have different sun requirements and if they grow to different sizes.

Can anyone give me any information about the differences

between these two plants?


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The lighter/smaller one is probably a dwarf. I have both kinds.
The dwarf will only get to about 3 feet tall but the other can get rather large. I've seen it on a trellis, but my regular one is in a pot cuz it needs more shade than any spot in the ground I have.
Light requirements are about the same...just morning sun or it will fry unless you are along the coast.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I have the smaller leafed one in 1/2 day sun only. The larger leafed one I have seen at nurseries was a hybrid (can't remember name) which also had larger flowers than mine.
(It was tied to a trellis for espaliering which added $20 to the price)

The Latin name is Brunfelsia if you want to do a search.

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Thank you for your replies. I knew it was Brunfelsia, but there are so many different ones. I looked in the Sunset book, and that wasn't much help either.

I ended up taking the smaller one and good thing I did because it was terribly pot-bound--if plants could talk it would have said, "thank YOU!!" I dug it a great hole, amended with peat moss, and it looks really nice there.

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Hopefully it will say thank you next year with lots of flowers and growth. Mine have barely grown in 3 years.

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It is true "plants can't talk", you have to pry the information out of them. I will often tap the plant out of the pot and look at the roots before buying it. So far no nursery has complained about my taking a look. Al

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