new little venus flytraps

finandbrandonOctober 15, 2013

my venus fly traps are very healthy and there about to go into dormancy and there starting to get shorter which i know is normal but on the side of my plants i see that my plants started to grow new tiny tiny flytraps i was wondering what this means ,like is it growing new venus fly trap or is it because of the dormancy ,if so can you let me know cause if there new little flytraps i want to separate them and move then to another side of my pot

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It just mean that your plant is vegetatively reproducing, it can happen anytime during its growing period. When that happens, I usually leave it there. The tiny plants are so small, they can easily die when their roots are damage. I do separate them during mid summer.

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I agree, leave them there. Too young to be moved and wrong time of the year anyway.

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