when do oranges turn orange?

HesperidiumJanuary 9, 2011

I have a navel orange plant in a container. It is about two years old and has lots of small fruit, about one to one and half inches in diameter(at least the largest ones). I live in Ohio and have it in the sunniest room in my house and it seems to be doing O.K., but I have noticed that some of the fruits are turning orange. I did not think they did that until they were mature. Is this normal, or is something wrong?

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With such small fruit, there's a good chance those fruit will drop off while still immature. It is quite normal for a navel orange tree to drop vast numbers of immature fruit.

Once they are full-size, color is determined by temperatures. When the temps drop below 55�F (12.7C), the color-changing process is triggered. It is completely unrelated to "ripeness" or palatability of the fruit. So in Florida, early-maturing things like Satsumas, Dancy, Hamlin, and navels often are very good to eat while still green, whereas 'Valencia' and other late-maturing things may be brilliant orange long before they are fit to eat.

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