back2eight(South MS)October 9, 2006

Hey all, I haven't had much time lately to hang around here. I jump in and check every once in a while but I haven't posted very much.

I have a ping titan that now has 11 blooms. I figured out how I was doing it. I have had to leave overnight a few times and so I left my plant light on the whole time I was gone. It has never failed, the next day there are always 2 new blooms coming up. So now I am doing it about once a month on purpose to get some new blooms and I'm trying to keep it constantly in flower. I know it is not good for it to leave it on all the time, but every once in a while seems to give it that extra energy to flower that it needs.

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This may indicate your plant isn't getting enough light on a daily basis. A little more light during the day might get you what you want (lots of flowers) while improving the over all health and vitality of your Titan.

I have a pot of (15-20) D. Capensis that I keep in my kitchen window. They stop blooming in the summer because they get much less light. The roof angle is such that it blocks all but about 1.5 hours of light during the day. In the fall they start blooming when the light they receive gets to about 4 hours a day and they don't stop until late spring when the amount of light once again drops off. I figure it's a good break for them anyway. I have another pot that I keep outside under another plant and it has almost an opposite blooming cycle. It get a lot of sun all summer so it blooms like a mad man all summer and then slows down in winter when I bring it in and it goes in an east window that gets only about 3 hours of light filtered through a tree outside the window. I've also found that both plants REALLY respond to an occasional meal. They will both put up more flower stalks with more flowers if they are fed a -small- meal every week or so. The one that's outside is covered with small insects all summer so it's on it's own most of the time. It also has a more vigorous flowering habit.

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back2eight(South MS)

IT is getting just as much as I can give it. It gets about 14 hours of CF light and I have 2 of the highest wattage bulbs I could find. I have some African Violets and also a mini bog with some other pings under the same lights and they are doing well, the mini bog is growing like mad and I'm going to have to sperate some plants out soon. But it certainly does not get any natural light so it could very well be a low light situation. Oh well. It does get plenty of food especially right now, we have love bugs here like crazy and every time the door opens a bunch of them come inside. The plant is absolutely covered with them!

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LOL! I wish had your plight!

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