Swingtime & Day Dreams

karyn1(7a)September 23, 2011

Swingtime won't color up for a while. The last blooms remained white for 3 days.

Day Dreams has just begun to bloom. It's usually one of my first. This bloom is kind of messy from the rain too.

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Here's a few more misc pic.

V. Pink Lemon

Fuyu Persimmon

Bush Clover. I love it but it's gotten too big.

V Blue Potato Bush

Apios americana (Groundnut)


I. australe

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chena(z8 Texas)

Beautiful!! AS ALWAYS!!! LOL I lost my V.Lemon a couple of yrs. ago.. and my iochroma hasn't bloomed this yr but a few in the Spring.. It is finally starting to cool off a bit..Maybe with some Luck I will get something before it gets to late!!


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Karen, I always enjoy seeing your unusual to me plants. That bush clover is very interesting as is the blue I. australe. Do you grow I. australe as a shrub or as a standard?

I will add Day Dreams to my wanted list. Hope you have more blossoms to open.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


How on earth do you keep critters from getting your persimmons. I've just about had it. No persimmons left on my tree AGAIN.

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Kylie do you want some cuttings from the pink lemon when I send the brugs?

That Bush Clover started as a single rooted stick 5 years ago and now it's huge! I can barely see the bird bath behind it. It dies back over the winter like a peony. I grow the iochroma in a pot and allow it to go dormant over the winter. It's kind of lanky and not nearly as big as some of my others. It gets way fewer blooms per cluster but each flower is bigger then many other varieties. The white australe flowers are even bigger but that one died over the winter. Interesting thing about this one is that I get a seed pod on almost every spent bloom.

Dave the deer snack on it but they're after the foliage and this year the damage was minimal. This is the first year that it's held fruit this long. It's been flowering for a few years and last year was the first time I had more then a few fruit but all dropped. This year I had hundreds of fruit, and as expected, some aborted early on but I still had to thin them even after the early drop. Everything looked great and I was expecting a good harvest but all but 6 fruit ended up dropping over a period of a few weeks. The remaining fruit are close together on a very low branch. What was so upsetting is that they dropped when they were almost full size. I have no idea why this happened and don't think it had to do with a lack of water. I've posted on the orchard forum but nobody seems to know for sure. A friend that lives nearby has two that produce loads of delicious fruit and I don't do anything different. It's a grafted Fuyu and I've probably had it for about 6 years. It's grown well and is about 10' with a nice canopy. I didn't realize how much they sucker. I have 1 a few feet away that I'm going to try and separate and another at least 10' away. I'm not sure what the rootstock is. I had assumed it was Diospyros virginiana but the foliage is different. The sapling leaves look just like the Oriental variety and it's definitely grafted. The graft scar was visible for a long time.

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