Is it just me...or is there something to this?

lindakimyMarch 16, 2008

Yesterday morning I did the majority of my big spring garden clean up. That means I got right down at dirt level and pulled up old mulch, dry leaves and whatnot. I think of it as a "reunion" each spring - "WOW...I haven't seen you for a year! Welcome back!" That kind of thing. I check all the teensy sprouts...the iffy perennials...all that.

We had tornadoes through here yesterday evening. Two miles away.

Well, the nasty weather blew through - thank God we didn't have major damage (the roof still has to be inspected, though, because we did have BIG hail) - and this morning...well, things have just taken off. Suddenly hostas are up that were NOT there yesterday. Alliums are a good half inch taller. And so on.

I've noticed this before after severe storms. Am I nuts? Has anyone else noticed this? Anybody got an explanation?

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Hydrogen peroxide in the rain.

LOL - do a search in the forums.

Nancy the nancedar

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I've heard that this could be partially due to the nitrification of the air due to lightning strikes; resulting airborne nutrients are then supposedly carried to the ground via rainwater. Sounds good, anyway. Mostly, it's probably just a response by the plants, which have been receiving increased light and warmth, and whose growth is triggered by the sudden abundance of rain. Plants like Hosta tend to make most of their growth for the season in one push, anyway, so there's a mechanism that lets them take advantage of the opportune time to do it. However it happens, it is one of life's little miracles.

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