Best fertilizer for virgin soil

andrewdodd123(6b)March 5, 2012

Any thoughts on what the best manure is for tilling into virgin ground for a garden? I have heard horse is terrible for weeds. I have access to chicken but its a long drive. Is it worth it? Thanks.

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Personally, I would go with whatever was in largest supply. Perhaps you wouldn't feel too bad about letting weeds grow a little and hit um with some Roundup.

Our local Ag agent (all counties have one) suggests that you look around the potential piles and observe what weeds are growing. While the mass of internal weed seeds may be killed, the new weeds will deposit on the outside of the pile. New varieties (to your land) of noxious weeds should probably be avoided.

I had access to a cattle rancher who piled and turned his bedding (manure and straw) which made fabulous compost with a lot of texture. He sold it for $50 for a Tandem (dump) Truck load. Thats between 15 and 20 CuYds. I had to pay $50/load extra for 20 mi transport, In my case, that was a great deal because loading and unloading was included. Today, that would be double or tripple that with increased gas prices.

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