Please Help, my plant may be dieing

Night1513November 28, 2013

Hi, I posed a few weeks about some help with my purple pitcher plant. Now this is the first time I ever own a plant like this, I just brought my plant home where it is much warmer.

As for the plant, I won it in a raffle a few weeks ago and it was doing fine until about a week or 2 ago.

It starting to furn brown, when you touch it it feels crispy like a dried up leaf. Also some of the pitchers are closing up.

I was thinking about it getting re-potted if it needs to be. But all I can remember is how guy who I won it from mention something that it was in a bag or something. I am willing to but all that is needed to keep this little plant alive. Please, I am going to post some photos of what I am talking about

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here is another, a close up

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here is another

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Well I am by far no expert. But I do own one and have successfully kept it alive 6 months. First question, do you water it from rain water or distilled water? No tap right?

Does it get cold?

Lets start there and I hope someone else sees your post. Im afraid they think others have responded. I did because it looks like responses when you were really adding pictures. But pictures are Good at diagnosing.

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These are OUTDOOR plants, not houseplants. Leave it outside. Keep in a shallow tray of rain or distilled water in full sun.

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Also, again, I recommend removing it from that LFS- it looks packed and far too infested with algae. First step is to uproot it(gently) and see if there are any signs of healthy root growth.

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