Had a lot of fun yesterday in the yard

nannerbelle(8A)March 19, 2009

OK, I'll hush after this one!! LOL My privacy project is officially off and running!! I have 100 2yr. old White Pine seedlings coming in tomorrow!! So yesterday I went out and laid out the hedge line with a little landscape paint and a few rebar stakes. I've decided where I'm going to put some large trellis' on one side of the property and defined 2 new beds in some very strategic locations. One will be a entrance bed at the parking area to my driveway. The other will be the first corner in defining my front yard into a courtyard type area, separating it from the natural land area. After I finished laying these out, with the assistance of my trusty sidekick, my labbie Zoom Zoom, we put out the pine needles and stacked the rock for the border around an oak tree in the side yard on the other side of the property. It's all ready now for some nice hosta and some shade plants. It's one of the only areas we have that can take some shade plants. It was a fun afternoon!! Now we are looking forward to the weekend and some tilling in the veggie area, installing two raised beds and some pine tree planting!!! Happy almost weekend folks!! :-)

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You sound so excited about all your plans.
It's fun, isn't it?
You must have moved in recently.
You will be planting 100 holes?
and then some?
Good Luck!
Try to get it done as soon as possible, before the heat comes.
What did you decide on the vine idea?
By the way, it was a good idea for spot coverage.
GOod Luck with your garden!

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Thank you Butterfly4u!! This will be my third spring/summer here. We finished construction and closed in Feb. 07. Yes it is fun, I'm having a blast with this and I am quite excited about what I have planned. I got the tilling done on both my large raised bed and my veggie garden yesterday. We got the timbers installed for the raised bed and I have 100 beautiful, healthy seedlings that came in yesterday. On vines, I'm still thinking. Folks have had some great ideas, and I'm really leaning toward using several different ones as I have 4 or so to put in. I hope to have all the seedlings in within a week or so, Unfortunately for this weekend, I've got a bad wisdom tooth that flared up last night is kicking me badly! This thing is hurting like you wouldn't believe!! So I'm pretty much out of commission till next week after I get the dentist to fix me up.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth giving you trouble.
I hope you can get it pulled soon.
I know how you feel, I went through that also.
Your smart going with the raised beds. That is a great idea.
Why not try mabey 4 different vines?
Then if there are a couple you don't like, you can always grow a different one next year.
Variety is the spice of life.
Good luck with your garden plans and your seed babies!
Mabey later on in the summer, post some pics of the garden.
Take care!

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