EZ perennials to grow from seed? in Zone 15

modern_miss(10A (15 Sunset) SF Bay Area CA)October 19, 2013

I'm in the SF Bay Area - Sunset zone 15 - and I'm curious what you think are the easiest perennials to grow from seeds?

Also, I'm curious which can i stick in the ground now? (I know some need to be chilled)...

I've had great success seeding our state flower. That's given me the confidence to try more.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Kind of a difficult question because there are literally thousands upon thousands of possibilities. Hard to narrow it down without knowing what kinds of plants you are interested in, what your garden space is like, style, and so forth.

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I am not in your zone but since no one is replying I will give it a whirl.
Impatiens balsamina
viola, the pansy type
calendula officinalis
mirabilis jalapa
I have grown them all from seed directly in the ground

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modern_miss(10A (15 Sunset) SF Bay Area CA)

thanks - that's really helpful. I will give those seeds a try. I also want to just see what will grow in the ground.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I have only grown a few bedding-type flowering perennials successfully from seed: rudbeckia, sea holly, columbine, blue flax, and achillea ptarmica. I have also managed to get foxgloves to grow, but I think they are a biennial. It's easy to grow members of the iris family from seed- especially fortnight lilies and candy lilies.

Zinnias, ipomoea, portulaca, calendula, violas, cosmos, and tagetes grow from seed here, but they are all annual. I have had some vincas survive for more than one year, though.

Annual flowers are super easy to grow from seed. I grow California poppies, breadseed and shirley poppies, peony poppies, Iceland poppies, larkspur, red flax, paludosum daisies, bachelor buttons, nigella, bells of ireland, toadflax, Queen Anne's Lace, and lobelia. I have trouble getting vincas and pansies to grow from seed.

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My list was all annuals; my mistake. My best success with perennials would have to be Iberis. I have them as a very low hedge. I would not have been able to buy so many plants from the nursery due to cost. The hedge has at least twenty plants.
I have two Gerbera Daisy seedlings, I am trying not to kill them.

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Easy from seed Perennials in the SF bay area:
Gaillardia (short lived - self sows)
Dahlia (try Bishops Children)
Verbascum (some are biennial - all self sow)

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Tree mallows (lavatera)
Lemon marigold (Tagates lemonii)
Monkeyflower (mimulus)
yerba buena (Satureja)

fall = bulbs, so those are some of the easiest now too. Ginger, iris, garlic, calla, freesia, lilies, ...

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

Tons and tons of perennials to be grown from seed...sowing in the ground can be 'iffy'. If you get serious about it, sow your seeds in flats of peat mix / potting soil for hundreds and hundreds of plants..

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