Terrerium help!!

laceymae053November 6, 2010

Here's the situation: I have a 90 gal. fish tank that I have turned into a terrerium. In that terrerium I have a small pot of butterworts (3 inch), some sundews and two lowland nepenthes. I think the humidity is right because the nepenthes are now producing pitchers (albiet slowly) and the sundews are producing dew, but they aren't turning pink. I'd like to put a light in the tank closer to the sundews to help them turn, but I'm not sure what wattage, or how close to put it to the sundews. I'm also concerned about the temperature of the tank after I put a light inside it and put the lid on.. If I put the light inside should I leave the lid off? Any input would be much appreciated - Thanks!

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Put 2 dual 4' T12(160w total) or T8(128w total) fluorescent shop lights on top. Use any bulbs from 4100k to 6500k. One set of either might do the trick but the more light the better if they're not getting any sun. Get a cheap mechanical dial type timer and set it for 12-16 hours. T12 fixtures are less than $10 and the timer is about the same at lowes. Bulbs are about $4 each or a case of 10 for $25. Do not use a digital timer.

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Thanks Taz, I'll run with that and see how it goes :D

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