Tap Water and my VFT

2gd2btruNovember 22, 2011

All was going well with my VFT and my Sundews till my automated sprinkler system went off this morning without me being aware and flooded by VFT and Sundews with TAP WATER!!. As soon as I noticed I removed them from their drip trays and threw out the tap water. I then flooded them with rain water, squeezed out the medium that they are in as best I could, and have now left them dry until tonight when I will once again give them rain water in their drip trays. Will one spray of tap water kill them and should I repot them in fresh medium or can I just flood them with rain water and see what happens? I would hate to lose them as they are so big and healthy. Can someone please advise urgently. If I need to repot, can I do it now in the middle of summer? I can only do on the weekend as I work all week and have no time to buy the medium they need - will this affect them badly or not?

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If you flooded them well they should be o.k.

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