Did I fertalize my Sarracenia and Drosera to death?

roraima74November 10, 2008

2 months ago I got a Drosera Binata, D. Capensis, S. Leucophilla, S.Minor, S. Purpera, and S. Psittcinia from the local botanic gardens.

For 6 weeks everything except the D. Capensis took to my window sill planters (indoors and outdoors) and grew healthily, if a bit slowly. The D. Binata was a champion, great looking, big leaves shining with dew, and then dead insects ;-)

- 8 hours light then 6 hours full sun.

- spagnum and peat 50/50 mix.

- permanently moist soil.

- Sydney water is supposedly soft enough, but I have been filtering it through other potted plants (supposedly this removes the salts).

Then last week the S. Psittcinia died over the course of about 4 days. The S. Purpura is looking very sick. S. Leucophillia and S.Minor have sent up new pitchers, but very small. The Binatas are also looking very ill. But funnily the D. Capensis has come out of a dormancy, and I have found some tiny new sundews seedlings appear.

I now remember that about 3 weeks ago I fertalised my other potted plants. Has this fertaliser got into my 'filtered' water?

Why is the Capensis seemingly quite happy?

NB. It is springtime here in Australia. (Sydney has similar climate to LA).

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Yes, it sounds like fertilizer or salts have leeched into your water. I would buy a few gallons of distilled water and flood it through your carnivorous plants, it might not be too late to save them.

I would definitely not try and filter the water through other plants. The water would pick up not only fertilizer, but also minerals, salts, etc etc -- all things you do NOT want in your CPs.

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Can you purchase distilled water from a grocery store? That is about the best to use, along with WFI, RO, and Deionized water.

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I wonder where you got that idea that you could filter water that way & make it good for CP? X-D

Hope your plants are salvageable. If not, you still gained something - experience. Most growers learned by trial n error, what work best for them and what not. It seems it all depends where you live.

The way you were growing them is about right. You just went wrong about the water.

D. capensis is a tropical plant that doesn't require dormancy, they grow year round. Capensis are quite forgiving and easy to grow. For that reason they can become weeds very easily. Seems like your capensis went into shock when taken outside. It's a whole different environment indoors that outdoors so it took its time to recover.

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