nepenthes black leaves! help emergency!!

dragoonsers(10/11 Coastal)November 13, 2013

My nepenthes was growing very well for about 4 months, doubled in size and put out little plantlets from the base. But now leaves were turning black (two months ago). So I cut em back because I read it is natural. But now more leaves are turning black. I've attached pictures. I haven't changed its location. I took it out of its pot today, roots firm, no rotten smell but the media was too wet, way too wet!

Suggestions? Should I trim? Cut off the weird parts? The tip is growing very well. Is it stem rot?


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dragoonsers(10/11 Coastal)

This is the tip.

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dragoonsers(10/11 Coastal)

Below the ground. The main stem seems yellow. and medium is too wet.

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Wrong potting mix it looks like. I'd cut off the black leaves and repot into a 50/50 peat moss/perlite mix with a big handful of orchid bark mixed in. Keep damp, not soggy. NO water tray!

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